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Added January 21st, 2013
Cuphea schumannii
Cuphea schumannii Cuphea schumannii in 3 gallons
Added January 21st, 2013
Clerodendrum smithianum Clerodendrum smithianum Clerodendrum smithianum
Added January 21st, 2013
Phyla nodiflora
Phyla nodiflora ‘Frog Fruit’ ‘Frog Fruit’ in 1 gallons
Added January 15th, 2013
Watermelon Jatropha Watermelon’s Red Leaves 15 gallon Watermelon Jatropha
Added October 7th, 2011
Baccharis dioica
Baccharis dioica Baccharis dioica in 3 gallons
Added June 23, 2011
Osmoxylon lineare ‘Variegata’
Osmoxylon lineare ‘Variegata’, ‘Goldfingers’ ‘Goldfingers’  in 7 gallons
Added June 23, 2011
Combretum constrictum Combretum constrictum , ‘Thai Powderpuff’ Thai Powderpuff in 7 gallons
Added June 23, 2011
Hamelia patens , ‘Cardinal Supreme’ Hamelia patens , ‘Cardinal Supreme’ Cardinal Supreme in 7 gallons
Added January 21, 2011
Camptosema grandiflora Camptosema grandiflora Dwarf Red Jade Dwarf Red Jade in 7 gallons
Added September 16th, 2010
Kopsia fruticosa Kopsia fruticosa Shrub Vinca Shrub Vinca in 7 gallons
Added July 23rd, 2010
Exostema caribaeum Exostema caribaeum Princewood Princewood in 7 gallons
Salvia sinaloensis Heliconia psittacorum ‘Cathy’ Salvia uliginosa
Hiptage sp. Hiptage sp. seed pods Hiptage ‘Cambodiana’
Barleria greenii Barleria greenii Green’s Barleria in 3 gallons
Alibertia sp.‘Belize’ Alibertia sp.‘Belize’ Belize Star Flower in 3 gallons
Euphorbia punicea‘Jamaican Poinsettia’